Saturday, February 27, 2016

What if I stumble

A recent study found that how one responds after tripping and falling is indicative of their success in life. Those who struggle through life, trip and fall, are embarrassed, make an assessment of who was watching, apologize to everyone who saw them fall, then mumble under their breath about how stupid they are. Those who tend to be successful trip and fall, but get right back up and keep walking as though nothing happened.

Sin is a stumble and a fall. How we respond is indicative of our relationship with God.

In I John 1:5-2:1, the apostle tells us that we all stumble in our relationships. He uses the Greek word Hamartia to describe sin. It is an archery term that means missing the target. When one misses a target, get another arrow out of the quiver and just keep practicing. If we need help, ask the coach, the Holy Spirit to give direction. Fretting and fuming and stressing about missing the target does no good.

There is no place in the Christian life for loathing and self-hatred.  You missed the mark? You stumbled and fell? So what? Everyone does. Get back up and keep moving and improving.

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