Sunday, March 6, 2016

God is NOT out to get you

God is NOT out to get you!  God knows all of your faults, warts wrinkles, good and bad, and STILL wants to love you and be with you.  What does that tell you about the value that God places upon your life?

Some religious leaders have tried to manipulate you into believing that you are somehow an awful person who is being evaluated as to whether your life measures up to God’s standards. If your pastor or church makes you feel as though you do not measure up, I have a word of advice: find another congregation!  On the flip side, if you are feeling somewhat superior to others, if you believe there is an “us” and “them” in life, you are the one who needs a heart transformation.

How does God really see us?  According to I John 1, the apostle acknowledges that we all sin.  Interestingly, he uses the Greek word Hamartia for sin, which is an archery term meaning to miss the target.  Sin is not about disobeying some arbitrary category of behaviors, rules and regulations.  Sin is about relationships.  We daily miss the mark in our relationships, because life is messy, people are different.  What hits the mark with one, may miss the mark with another.  The only way to hit the target is to practice and to depend upon the guidance of a great coach: the Holy Spirit.

Therefore, God wants to shine a light upon our lives and expose our sin not to shame us, call us out, or make us feel guilty.  God wants to help us get better, to be better at loving each other.  There is no room for loathing and self-hatred in the Christian life. If you fail in your relationships today, admit it, get back up and keep going.  Another opportunity to practice is right around the next corner.

Pastor Dave

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