Thursday, March 24, 2016

Lenten Journey

My Lenten Journey did not go as planned.
…I didn’t cut out the things from my life that I had hoped to cut out.  Not a one of them.
…I didn’t add any of the disciplines I wanted to add.  Not one time.

However, this was one of the more powerful Lenten Journeys ever for me.  It was in the not not doing the things that I had planned (and in the not doing the things that I had planned) that I learned one of the best lessons of Lent.

Jesus doesn’t care about my Lenten disciplines or lack thereof!

The Lenten disciplines do not, in any way, contribute to my salvation.  That has been done for me in Jesus Christ.  We spend 40 days trying to be dour and all serious, when the truth is, I already know the end of this story.  Jesus wins!

The Lenten disciplines are not bad.  They are personally beneficial. Yet, failing to do them in no way risks my relationship with God.

The good news that I learned by my lack of Lenten discipline is that Jesus really does love me as I am, and that I can, in no manner, contribute to the gift of his love and salvation for me.

Pastor Dave

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