A 12 week journey

Week 1 - Confessing our Brokeness
We will never grow in our faith until we admit that we are sinful and cannot reach God by our good works or willpower. Sin is a partition that keeps our faith from growing. Truly, without Jesus Christ we can do nothing.

(John 15:5)
"I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing."

Week 2 - Releasing our Hurts
It is impossible to go through life without experiencing hurts, wounds, and disappointments. Our responses to these often lead to bitterness and un-forgiveness. As the people of God, we have been called to a higher walk. Jesus challenges us to love our enemies, even those who hate and plot evil against us. Forgiveness is never easy. However, God always gives us the ability to live according to His Word and example.

Week 3 - Learning to Pray
Prayer is a conversation with God, through which we are privileged to talk with and listen to the almighty. Prayer is more than a few ritualized prayers said to God in the morning and before meals. Prayer is an ongoing line of communication.

Week 4 - Reading the Bible
God's plan for us is that we enter into a loving relationship with Him. This priviledge is made available because of what Christ, The Word of God, has done. God continues to speak His Word to us in the Holy Scriptures, and this Word is powerful enough to transform our beliefs and actions and relationships

Week 5 - Resisting Evil & the Devil
Because of Christ’s victory at Calvary over sin, death, and the devil, every believer has the right and ability to walk victoriously in life, free from guilt, condemnation, fear, bondage, and defeat. God always leads us to triumph over Satan in Christ.

Week 6 - Walking in Faith
Faith is the cradle in which the Lord Jesus lays His head, the receptacle of the grace of God. Through faith, the power of God to heal and to make whole is unleashed.

Week 7 - God's Healing
The God who has the power to create, and who has redeemed us through Jesus Christ, has the power to heal and to make whole. This healing takes many forms, including spiritual, relational, and physical healing, and is a foretaste of the healing which is yet to come.

Week 8 - Being Filled with the Holy Spirit
Everyone of us has been born with talents, but when we are born anew into Jesus Christ, we receive a unique spiritual gift that is meant to be available to the church, used for the purpose of furthering the mission of Christ.

Week 9 - Serving Others
Christ calls us to serve our neighbor in both word and deed. However, Christ’s definition of neighbor is not limited to the small circle of people we call our friends and family, and those with whom we are comfortable. Anyone who is in need is our neighbor.

Week 10 - Living life within the Church
The Church is not a building, place, or organization, but an organism, a body of people who gather together for worship, fellowship, spiritual growth, and service. It is a visible expression of the Kingdom to come.

Week 11 - Living in Holiness
God’s goal for us is to become like Jesus. We have been clothed in Christ’s righteousness: this is a gift of God won through the death and resurrection of Christ. Yet, in response to His gift of righteousness, we are called as Christ’s followers to live in His righteousness.

Week 12 - Reproducing our Faith
The calling of every Christian is to walk in an intimate relationship with God, and to reproduce our faith in the life of another person. In other words, we are called to mentor another in faith, and bring them into the intimacy with God that we are privileged to share.

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